There are many technologies developed by the CTRTI, Ranchi, out of which the promising and viable technologies were being popularized through nested units. The lists of viable technologies are given below.

B. Technologies Developed by CTR&TI, Ranchi
1. Nursery technique for raising Terminaliaarjuna and T. tomentosa seedlings.
2. Vegetative propagation through Air layering, soft-wood cuttings from coppices and juvenile cuttings.
3. Integrated package for raising and maintenance of host plants as Economic plantation.
4. Establishment of Chawki garden for two crop system.
5. Integrated nutrient management through organic manures, chemical fertilizers, green manuring, micro- and secondary nutrients.
6. Foliar application of Urea as economical method of boosting leaf production in Terminalia plants.
7. Utilization of farm refuse through composting and vermicomposting.
8. Integrated farming system for effective land utilization.



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