Technologies – Patented

Details of technologies / products patented

Sl.No Year of patenting Technology Product Name of applicant institute(s) /industrial partner Patent details Date of commercialisat ion of technology
Application No. / date Patent No. /date
1 1999 Nylon-net for enhancing coupling efficiency CTR&TI, Ranchi Patent No: 198455, dated 1.11.1999 Commercialized
2 2007 An improved method for grainage technology and a tray used therefor CTR&TI, Ranchi 246/KOL/2007 Patent No: 254627, dated 19.02.2007 Not commercialized
3 2007 A drug formulation for the control of Pebrine in Tasar Silkworm CTR&TI, Ranchi 1145/KOL/2007 Patent No: 264864, dated 20.08.2007 Not commercialized
4 2011 A process of preparation of bacterial suspension useful for biological control of tasar silkworm disease / Tasar Rakshak (LSM) CTR&TI, Ranchi Patent No: 247635, dated 28.4.2011 Not commercialized
5 2018 A process of dyeing silk with Lac dye CTR&TI, Ranchi 1492/KOL/2008 Indian Patent No. 297511(1492/KOL/2008) patent granted on 07.06.2018 Not commercialized
6 2018 A device for preservation and incubation of silkworm seed CTR&TI, Ranchi 1467 /KOL/2008 Indian Patent No. 301704 (1467 /KOL/2008) patent granted on 29.09.2018 Not commercialized



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