Extension – TOT – OFT

On-farm Trial (OFT)

It is another important component of ToTs and its main function in sericulture is the testing of Tasar technologies developed from the outcome of the R & D project / experiment and evaluated in the on-station trials and further testing in the farmers/ stakeholder field level (field practices) for demonstration of technology to the famers’/ stakeholders and also to disseminate the technology among the farming community. This helps to ensure that OFT will have the best chances of being useful to the largest possible number of Tasar farm families/ Tasar stakeholders. OFT thus offers the opportunity to study technical, economic and social effects, and their interactions. There are 02 OFTs have been taken up during the year 2022-23 at 11 different trial locations.

a. Validation and popularization of cooking package developed for three eco-races.

b. Management of abiotic factor using light reflector paints to reduce erratic and delayed emergence.



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