Project Monitoring, Co-ordination and Evaluation (PMCE) Division

Project Monitoring, Coordination and Evaluation (PMCE) Division works towards extending required support to the Director in monitoring, coordination and evaluation of institute’s R&D works including transfer of technology, capacity building & training, extension communication programmes etc., which would help in effective, timely and successful implementation and completion of the projects/ programmes and in turn would reflect in the growth of the institute. It maintains and monitors the progress of CSB funded projects, externally funded projects, consultancy, and contract research and contract service projects. It entrusted with the following activities:

    • Preparation of annual report, annual action plan/ other technical reports/ R&D publications besides R&D budget requirement of the Institute.
    • Preparation and timely maintenance of databases for all CSB and externally funded research projects of the concerned R & D institute.
    • Maintenance and Scrutiny of Research concept notes/ project proposals/ Research project files.
    • Conducting Research Council Meetings (RC) with standard Agenda & Explanatory note, Progress of ongoing/ Concluded Research Projects/ Pilot studies/ CBT/ ECPs and action taken reports.
    • Conducting Review meetings and Research Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings with support in making schedules for RAC to financial matters, logistics arrangements, etc., besides compilation of Agenda Explanatory note, minutes and action taken report.
    • All processes related to Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)/ Memorandum of Agreement/ Understanding (MoA/MoU).
    • Coordination of silkworm breed and host plant varietal identification/ silkworm breed and variety release after the proposals are received till they are identified and sent to concern Committees (MVAC, HAC, etc.).
    • Facilitating coordination and correspondences with DOSs of different states and other organizations through SEEM division.
    • Correspondences with other organizations regarding patenting and commercialization of evolved technologies, products and processes.
    • Coordination with CO, CSB to recommend research priorities of the institution for short listing researchable problems across silkworm/ host plant(s)/ divisions /programmes at institution level (Priority setting).
    • Dissemination of information for monthly, quarterly project reports, Training (CBT) report, Extension Communication Programme (ECPs), Research Framework Document (RFD), institute News and other technical information required by CO, CSB.
    • Development and updating of database for Projects/ Publications/ Awards/ Retired CSB Scientists etc.
    • Responding to scientific/ technical audit queries in relation to ongoing and concluded projects.
    • Preparing documents for custom duty exemption from DSIR for purchase of equipment’s.
    • To coordinate and arrange various meetings viz., Video Conference, Seed Committee, periodical, review of progress etc. and to assist the Competent Authority in other matters related to the Institute.
    • To coordinate issual of “NO DUE CERTIFICATE (NOC)” to the retiring/ Transferred Scientists w.r.t. their Research & Development Projects and PA/ JRF/ SRF/ RA working in the institute under various research projects.
Head: Dr. Jitendra Singh, Scientist- C


Dr. Jitendra Singh, Scientist- C

Dr. Jagadajyoti Binkadakatti , Scientist – C

Mr. Matiuas Xalxo, Senior Technical Assistant

Mr. Malay Mandal,Field Assistant




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Shri P. K. Mohapatra,

Assistant Director (Computer)



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