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Research Council (RC)

Research Council is an in-house review Committee constituted by institute and is chaired by Director/ in-charge officer of the institute. It reviews and monitors the progress of all on-going research projects/ programs and acts as a body to peer review the concept note further new project proposals at the institute level. It meets once in every 3 months or more frequently as per the need/ requirement by conducting special RC meetings. The newly formulated project proposals (Concept Notes) are reviewed thoroughly by the Research Council so as to recommend/ modify or to reject the proposals. The Concept Notes that are approved by the Research Council are then submitted to CO, CSB, Bengaluru for approval. After obtaining approval from CO, CSB the Concept Notes would be made into full-fledged projects.

Terms of Research Council

1. To review the overall R&D activities of the institute and its nested units

2. To provide necessary directions to deal with specific problems of the silk industry in the mandated areas of the institute to bring desired improvement in the area specific sericulture.

3. To consider new research projects as Concept Notes with reference to the rationale behind proposal, proposed objectives, their relevance, milestones set and the possibility of achieving them; utility of the expected output; work plan, methodology, etc.

4. To review the ongoing and concluded research projects with reference to their objectives/goals and milestones

5. To review the progress of the extension communication programmes of the institute and its units against the target.

6. To review the progress of the Capacity Building and Training (CBT) programmes of the institute and its units against the target.

7. The Committee to be headed by the Director of the institute and all scientists of the institutes will be the members. In the absence of the Director, the meeting could be chaired by a senior most scientist of the institute.

8. The agenda and explanatory notes for the RC meetings should be prepared meticulously with all the relevant information like follow-up action to the decisions of the previous meeting, minutes of the previous meeting, list of concluding projects, list of ongoing projects, progress / status of the concluded and ongoing projects etc., as per the prescribed format (Annexure-2).

9. Progress of other mandated activities viz., Transfer of Technology, Extension Communication Programmes (ECPs), trainings under CBT, revenue generation, pest and disease survey, research  papers / popular articles/ manuscripts published etc also to be furnished in the agenda and explanatory notes.

10.The signed/ approved minutes of the RC meetings to be circulated among all concerned for comments and follow-up action to the decisions and also to be communicated to CO, CSB Bengaluru.



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