The hostel has well-furnished double occupancy rooms with balcony,  spacious canteen facility having dining hall with capacity of about 70 seats provided with LED smart TV and kitchen. There are separate wings for boys and girls. The hostels have facilities for indoor and outdoor games and other recreations. Several other amenities like first aid medical services, transport, communication, WIFI internet connection etc. are also available for the welfare of the trainees and students.

HOSTEL LODGING CHARGES: subject to availiblity

Sl.No Items / Particulars / Category Rate (in Rs.)
A/C Room Non A/C Room
Lodging Charges per person per day
1. Training / Study Tour (For Students & Farmers *) 50.00
2. Stakeholders from Industry 100.00
3. CSB Officers / Officials & Board Members 100.00 50.00
4. DOS / MoT – Officers & Staff 200.00 100.00
5. Other Central Govt. Officers / Officials 300.00 150.00
6. Other State Govt. Officers / Officials 400.00 200.00
7. Overseas / MEA sponsored 400.00
* In a room more than 2 to 3 farmers are allowed.
i. For private visits the lodging charges will be 2 times the above rates.
ii. No persons on private visit shall be allowed to stay beyond 5 days.



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