Research – Pilot Studies – Concluded

A. Concluded Pilot Studies (07)
1. [CTR&TI/SP/PS-19] Design & Development of Tasar Silkworm Pebrine Identification System using Image processing Technique (January – June 2022) [PI: Ms. Susmita Das, Scientist-D] (In Collaboration with BIT, Mesra, Ranchi)
2. [CTR&TI/SP/PS-20] Voyage and Endeavour towards utilization of disease
contaminated eggs of tasar silkworm Antheraeamylitta for rearing (January – June
2022) [PI: Dr. J.P. Pandey, Scientist-D]
3. [CTR&TI/HI/PS-21] Carbon dynamics and Carbon sequestration potential of tasar sericulture systems (January – June 2022) [Dr. AparnaKopparapu, Scientist-B]
4. [CTR&TI/SI/PS-22] Induction of parthenogenesis in tropical tasar silkworm, Antheraeamylitta.D (June –Nov 2022) [PI: Dr. I.G. Prabhu, Scientist-C]
5. [CTR&TI/SI/PS-23] Comparative study of heavy metal and pesticide content in tasar silkworm (Antheraeamylitta) pupae collected from different tasar growing areas (March- August 2022) [PI: Dr. K. Jena, Scientist-D]
6. [CTR&TI/SP/BT-26]Reveal Insights into the biology,Genetics and evaluation of Antheraeamylittathrough its Whole Genome Sequence (July–December 2022)[PI: Dr. I.G. Prabhu, Scientist-C]
7. [CTR&TI/SP/BT-25]Intuitive gene annotation of Antheraeamylitta Denova whole genome using functional bioinformatics tools(July – December 2022) [PI: Dr. J.P. Pandey, Scientist-D]



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