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B. Ongoing Pilot Studies (04)
1. [CTR&TI/SP/BSMTC-Kharswan – 24]Study on natural enemies associated with Tasar Silkworm Pupal Parasitoid Xanthopimplapedator (August 2022 – January2023 [PI: Dr.B. T. Reddy, Scientist-C, BSMTC, Kharswan]
2. [CTR&TI/HPI/PS-27]Validation of package of application of SM5 on Tasar Host plant(August 2022 – January2023) [PI: Ms. Susmita Das, Scientist-D]
3. [CTR&TI/SP/ BT/28]“Designing and Fabrication of automated LED light trap emitting light of all wavelength acroos UV- vis spectra in a single trap” ((December 2022 – May 2023)[PI: Dr. S.M. Mazumdar, Scientist-C, BSM&TC, Kathikund]
4. [CTR&TI/SP/ BT/29]“Evaluation of the role of Ceratopogonids (Diptera) a neglected cluser to Tasar silkworms” (December 2022 – May 2023) [PI: Dr. S.M. Mazumdar, Scientist-C, BSM&TC, Kathikund]



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