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As a part of the mandated activities, CTRTI, Ranchi is being organizing various extension communication programmes viz., Resham Krishi Mela/ Reelers Mela cum exhibition, Farmers Days, Field days, Awareness programme, Technology Demonstration, Workshops/ Seminar/ Conference and Vichar Goshties etc., on a regular basis to disseminate the technologies to the end users in sericulture sector, which is included in the Annual Action Plan. Though there is no restriction for the number of participants per each event, the minimum / range of participants with event-wise budget provisions are indicated, which may be treated as benchmark for organizing extension programmes in the field. The following ECP programmes are being organized by CTRTI, Ranchi during the year 2022-23.

1. Resham Krishimela cum Exhibition: The purpose of organizing Krishimela is to provide first-hand information to farmers about the availability and usefulness of the Tasar technology and also to inform about the ongoing research activities relating to problems of Tasar culture. “Seeing believes” should be the main concept of krishimela. It may include systematic display of information, actual specimens, models, posters, photographs, and charts, etc in a logical sequence and stakeholders may display exhibits viz. Cloth, Fabric, Machines, chemicals, fertilizers and other relevant products. In order to motivate the fellow farmers, the progressive farmers should be felicitated with awards during the programme. Resham Krishimela will be conducted once in year.

2.Farmer’s/Field day: The event usually includes demonstrations of specific management practices and equipment and/or highlight research methods and results. It may include presentations, posters, materials and walks through the fields. The opportunity may be provided to 50-100 farmers to visit the demonstration site and encourage them to try new ideas themselves on their own farms. Participation of guests (i.e., DOS, staff, Forest department, NGO’s etc) in filed days will be encouraged.

3. Awareness programmes: The basic objective of the programme is to create awareness among farmers about the latest sericulture Tasar technologies. The purpose of organizing Awareness programme is to provide information to farmers about the Tasar technology developed by the institute, its operation/ function, uses and cost effectiveness. It helps to motivate the farmers to adopt various improved technologies by educating them on the benefits of these technologies.

4. Technology demonstration / Enlightenment programmes: The basic principle of Demonstration is learning by doing.

Method Demonstration: Method demonstrations are conducted to demonstrate and practice a specific skill, step by step. It is participatory, need based and learning by doing approach. Ideal numbers of participants are 20 farmers.

Result demonstration: This method is used to show the superiority of practices, such as performance of high yielding silkworm and host plant varieties/ hybrids, rearing method, use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Result demonstrations can be conducted over a single rearing season, two rearing seasons, or a whole year. Result demonstrations can be conducted with group of farmers not exceeding 20.

5. Workshops/ Conference/ Seminar/ symposium: The Seminars, Workshops, Symposia and Conferences helps in formulating future research programmes / strategies. It aids in exchange of ideas / views on the achievements and future sericulture strategies with scientific personnel of various institutions / departments / universities through presentation of papers. It also aids in exchange of views with representatives of farmers / reelers / weavers to get an in depth knowledge on their problems and technology requirements. The achievements of current technologies under on farm trials will also be discussed for a better understanding and fine tuning of new technologies evolved for better adoption by the Tasar farmers.



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