Extension- TOT- OST

On-Station Trial (OST)

OST is an important component of Trial of Technology (ToTs) and its main function is the testing of Tasar technologies developed from outcome of the research & development projects/ experiments and to validate the results in the on-stations (Main station/ RSRS/ RECs) with application of all the package of practices suggested by the researcher/ scientists. Researchers to detect statistically significant differences on biological criteria between treatments through OSTs, about the new Tasar technology. There are 07 OSTs have been taken up during the year 2022-23 at 63 different trial locations.

a. Evaluation of cocoonase variant for cocoon softening/ degumming and silk surface modification.

b. Evaluation of PSB for qualitative and quantitative improvement in tasar food plant leaf.

c. Validation of chemical trap for Ichneumon wasp.

d. Evaluation of IPM for control of gall fly.

e. Evaluation of IPM for control of Stem borer in tasar food plants.

f. Establishment and popularization of improved accession102 and 123 of Terminalia arjuna and Lagerstromia speciosa.

g. Evaluation of Egg washing cum disinfection machine



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